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It has already been a tradition that during the memorial service some people are asked by the family or relatives to deliver a eulogy for the deceased. Although it is an honor for somebody to be chosen to speak, it is still quite hard to talk about someone dear to you who just recently died. But then, you can always transform the sadness and the misery into a driving force or inspiration for you to be able to create the perfect eulogy.

As a guide, you can look or scout for a eulogy sample. This is definitely the best way to start off with your speech. You can chance upon a good eulogy sample in books in your local library. But since the advent of the Internet, it is much easy for us to research on things that we need to know if we search online. There may be a eulogy sample that is in a way, suitable for your situation but we have to bear in mind that each of our experiences and personalities are unique so it’s best to infuse even just a bit of originality into your composition.

Expressing gratitude or paying tribute to a dearly departed could never be perfectly expressed through words, as some people might say, words are too limiting. However, if the eulogy you made came from the heart , it will definitely show how much gratitude and respect you have for the deceased. Just let your feelings overflow and surely words would come pouring in as well.

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