Eulogy Quotes – Are Eulogy Quotes Appropriate?

Writing a eulogy can be tough, especially if you were close to the deceased or if their death was sudden. But don’t fly into a panic, below I will show you some quick tips on how to incorporate appropriate eulogy quotes into your speech.

Using quotes in the eulogy is a beautiful way to enrich the content of the speech while making it more poetic and flowing in its presentation. These quotes can be taken from memorable bible verses or other quotes made by poets. Or, if you wish, you can create your own quote.

Below are some quick tips to consider in using quotes to create a certain impact for your eulogy speech:

1. Use the internet to research or look up the most meaningful and most relevant eulogy quotes suited for your speech. Try to ensure that the quotes speak about the whole personality of the deceased person and make sure that the quotes will fit into the setting and audience at the funeral.

2. If you (and the deceased) are from a religious or christian family, then the Bible is a great resource full of wonderful quotes. In using Bible quotes you should look for verses that give the audience some hope regarding the eternal soul of the deceased, while offering them love, compassion and a lifting of their spirits.

3. Do you know of any quotes that the deceased loved, and/or based their life on? These are a great way to give the mourners some insight into the deceased and how they lived their life. This may be particularly comforting to those relatives and friends who have not been as close to the deceased as they would have liked.

4. If you are comfortable with the idea, don’t be afraid to create your own eulogy quote. It can be something that describes the impact the deceased had on your life, or how their life is something that you want to emulate. It can be a simple 2 or 3 lines or may even develop into a poem. It will be touching for the audience to know that it is a piece that you have written as a tribute and memorial to the deceased.

5. The most important thing to be aware of, is that you choose quotes that are appropriate to both the situation and the person deceased.

When the appropriate eulogy quotes are chosen, they make a wonderful addition to any funeral speech. The quotes will help to give the speech substance and emotion, while also making it flow well and be pleasing to the ear.

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