Eulogy For Mother – Funeral Speech Writing Tips

There is nothing comparable to the comfort of a mother. She is the light of one’s home and someone that you can rely on through the strong winds and rough weather. It can really be catastrophic to a person if his or her mother dies. If you were to deliver a eulogy for mother, you have the rare chance to tell the world how much your mother means to you. If you are getting ready to write a funeral speech for your mom, here are some tips to get you started.

How to write a eulogy for mother

• You can start your speech with a personal experience that you shared with your mother. Pick a situation, may it be a recent one or an old experience, where you really have felt the presence and the love of your mom. Share an experience that would inspire your audience.

• Talk about how your mother is as a friend. Share what her character is like, her hobbies, and her wants. Let the audience know what kind of woman she was. Try to remember what her achievements were and talk about her passion and mission in life.

• Show your gratitude to your mother during your funeral speech. A eulogy for mother should be something that is coming from your heart. Share the love that you are feeling inside for your mother to the rest of the people present at her funeral.

• The last part of your funeral speech should end with a positive note. Think about how you would want your mother to be remembered and talk about the legacy she would be leaving you as she parted this world.

Short sample eulogy for mother

My mother is my light during the dark roads of my life. She was there to lend a hand when no one else wants to. True to being a mother, she was with me all the way. She carried me in her arms during my childhood years and carried me through times when I’ve grown into a woman. She was there for me when I was going through a painful divorce and helped me raised my kids (start sharing your own experience…)

… To my mom, you would always be remembered as a mother who stood by me through the storm. And yes, we did make it through. We made it through! You would always be loved and remembered.

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