Eulogy For a Friend – How to Write One of the Greatest Eulogies For One of Life’s Greatest Losses

One of the greatest losses that we can ever have is the loss of a friend; it is surely a very sad experience if we will be in this situation. We must understand that losing a family member or a friend would surely be devastating, and then the sad task of giving a eulogy intended for a friend falls on the weight of your shoulder if it requires you to. However, in terms of giving a eulogy for that deceased friend, we must keep in perspective that it is a privilege. It is not a burden. Thus making a eulogy for a friend wouldn’t be much of a difficulty.

In making a eulogy for a friend, perhaps it is best that you remember the things that you and your friend alone shared, and try to put these memories in words, it is then you can start having the rhythm that you seek in writing this eulogy for your friend. You can ask other friends and relatives about that friend of yours, their experiences and such, these things help in delivering a good eulogy. Why should we bother on doing these kinds of things? Maybe it’s a personal responsibility that we are doing it. Maybe that eulogy for a friend of yours is one of the things that your deceased friend’s mom want to hear from you, maybe it’s the thing that matters most for your deceased friend’s dad. Maybe it’s the only thing that matters for anyone who cares. One of the reasons why we give eulogies is to help those who are at loss, funeral rituals such as these helps to lessen the pain felt.

Having understood the importance of writing a eulogy for a friend, we can now start to make the actual eulogy. How are we going to do that? I myself haven’t experienced the daunting task of making one. However, with the ever-helping power of the internet, I have been able to find some good tips. Such as, if we make a eulogy intended for our friend, we must try to point out personal experiences rather than social achievements that most of the deceased friend’s acquaintances knew about. The purpose of giving eulogies is to ease the pain, most likely, the most common mistakes that a eulogist makes is the perception that a eulogy is ought to be sad and depressing. That is not to be. Of course, it would be very awkward to see a funeral with people happy, but it doesn’t mean that eulogies meant that way. Eulogies’ purpose is to commemorate the life of one who recently passed away, not to linger in the idea that the departed loved are lost forever. Death is the ultimate end of our biological existence. It is a sad occasion. It will, and always be sad. Because it is, the way civilization dealt with the perception of death right from the start. Eulogies, are the ultimate testament of showing our love for the departed, it is the way of saying “we will always love you, now, always and forever”.

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