Eulogy Examples: Where to Find Eulogy Samples and Inspirations

Writing a eulogy is an honor and a privilege, but it is not something that someone is usually called upon to do on a regular basis. In fact, most people are never asked to write and deliver a eulogy. In addition to not having experience, the individual writing and delivering the eulogy is dealing with time constraints, grief, a tumultuous time and much more. What can a person do if called upon to handle the eulogy? Where does one find the information they need to be able to write a eulogy that is appropriate for the deceased yet is organized in a way that will help the speaker stay focused and be able to say what they have to say?

There are many examples and inspirations that can be found to use as a foundation for a eulogy being written. First, in this age of the internet, just typing in the word “Eulogy” will bring the writer to numerous listings of sites with free samples. It is important to be judicious and research carefully because some sites – even in dealing with this most delicate of issues – are not really free, even though they say they are.

There are, however, many legitimate sites regarding eulogies and they give excellent information about the subject. Some sites include poems and/or scriptures. Others include some outstanding quotes from famous people including classic writers, educators, well-respected entertainers, world leaders, artists, musicians and more.

Sometimes the writer will find some of the information on one site and take other information from another site. It is simply a matter of what you feel fits the situation.

Many sites show the writer how to write an outline or deliver their eulogy from brief notes. They help the writer organize the eulogy in such a way that it will be easier to deliver, as well as clear and concise.

In addition to the internet, the library is a good source of information. There are books that contain information that the writer can use to format a eulogy. One plus about using the library – even going to the library and going online there – is that it is a quiet place where the writer will be able to think.

A couple of excellent sites for good eulogy samples are YouTube and Google Video. Many people actually video eulogies at funerals which are placed on these video sharing sites. Watching these videos can often provide examples of inspiration to use in your eulogy.

Though writing and delivering a eulogy can be the hardest thing one ever has to do, it does not have to be done alone because of some of the excellent resources available.

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