Drafting a Sample Condolence Letter

A glass of water gives a soothing effect to those who are parched; likewise, sharing the sorrow of someone helps people in bearing the burden and pain of the loss encountered. One such method of easing the pain of a person who has lost someone is by presenting our condolences through writing. The condolence letter usually takes a lot of careful words, as even a single mistake in it can bring so much damage to our relation with the person in pain and will show us in the most embarrassing situation of our life. The best way of avoiding this is to start with a sample condolence letter, which you can use for making corrections and improvisations before presenting it to anyone.

Make sure you use the sample condolence letter in the best possible way to frame a heartfelt and heart warming message about the deceased or the lost ones. It should contain rough verses which speak of the goodness and the character of the deceased, while giving a brief account on how much we have lost due to the death of our beloved friend or colleague. It can contain a small story or an excerpt from a story which speaks about loss of dear ones and how to overcome that feeling.

Only after writing and rewriting such good versus about the deceased, the purpose of a sample condolence letter can be fulfilled. Finally, add quotations and proverbs which suit the situation at hand and which help in increasing the soothing effect of the letter. After making sure that the sample letters has the desired consoling effect and without errors and offending contents, transfer the entire contents of the sample letter to another document which is to be used for presenting to the family of the deceased. Please remember that if the actual document of condolence is not good and error-free, then the purpose of the sample condolence letter has not been fulfilled.

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