Creating Memorial Bookmarks

The memorial bookmark is a sweet remembrance of your loved one. The bookmark means different things to different people. The bookmarks themselves can be as unique as the individual. Some families like to create these as giveaways at the memorial service. It is especially nice when the deceased was an avid reader or enjoy books. This would be very appropriate to give as a memorable keepsake item. Memorial bookmarks are not that difficult to make with the help of templates, you can be done in no time at all.

While you are deciding what kind of memorial bookmark should be created for your loved one, keep in mind that the internet has some great examples of memorial bookmarks and there are even templates available to help you to create just the right one. You can have flowers pressed into the bookmark or pictures. Sometimes poems are used or bible verses. You may have something you would like to say. Whatever you have in mind can be created on a bookmark.

Once you have decided on the wording and layout of the bookmark, you can print them yourself or take them somewhere else to be printed. You may need to cut them if you created memorial bookmarks more than one to a page. A nice finishing touch would be to add a satin ribbon to the top of them. Use a coordinating colored ribbon to the design so that the background of the bookmark will be enhanced.

If you choose not to laminate, just print them on regular cardstock paper and then distribute.

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