Creating A Funeral Program Template

When someone close to you leaves his body, finally his soul meets the lord. Family and friends of the dead person pray for him and stay in grief. Funeral programs help you to honor your loved one’s memories, as well as give pertinent information about the service. A funeral program is a printed document that gives the funeral and memorial service and celebrate the life and milestones of the deceased. You can also create your own Funeral program templates and memorial cards. When choosing a funeral program, consider one that speaks to your loved one’s personality.

There are lots of themes like religious theme, floral theme, music /song theme, military /patriotic theme etc. You have to make sure for the size of the sheet size and quality. The program typically includes the name of the deceased, date of birth and date of death of the deceased, place of born and place of death, date of the time and place of the celebration of life, name of the person who is officiating. You can have this much better b having a bible reading and you can call any soloist and he can add some music with a guitar. Music should be played postlude in the end of the ceremony.

In last you can end your lines with some e.g.:- In the love and memories of (deceased person’s name), we always loved you and we’ll miss you a lot. May the angel comes and take your soul to the heaven to the lord. May he will show you the path for your next life.  May your sin get purified and your soul wouldn’t have to suffer any pain. I wish you take another life in our family in your next generation. We pray for your soul may rest in peace my beloved (relation with the person).

Choose your design, theme, funeral program templates, deceased person’s picture etc. If you have a printer, then just download the PDF file of your design or you can also download directly the word template file from our website and in few seconds your memorial card is ready to send to the friends and relatives of the deceased.


We have great tutorials about “How to Edit and Download Funeral Program Templates” ready to print here.

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