Celebration of Life Service

The Celebration of Life Service is the final ceremony of a loved one, or your own. These types of services are named a celebration of life because the contents and focus is rejoicing in the life the deceased lived and in essence, a type of end of life celebration occurs within the family members and friends.

Celebration of Life Service

There are songs included in the service that pertain to hope and a life thereafter. The family indicates a Celebration of Life Service when the theme will be more towards looking at the life the deceased lived in a positive light and believing they are in a better place. It is an uplifting type of service or final ceremony. The elements within the service are generally the same and include such order as:

  • Prelude
  • A reading of Scripture Verses from the Old and New Testament
  • Eulogy
  • Clergy or Pastoral Message of Hope
  • Choir or musical selection
  • Reading of the Obituary
  • Sharing Time from family and friends
  • Closing Words
  • Repast
  • Interment

This outline is a very basic type of funeral service that can be considered a celebration of life service. Death is very much a part of life just like birth. Each person born into life is a unique and special individual that offers different contributions to those he touched while alive. These accomplishments or highlights in the life are noted and spoken about in the eulogy or message of hope. It is also written within the funeral service program because it is kept as a keepsake of the final celebration.

The ceremony offers recognition and respect and is part of the final life process that each of us must go through. You may find these types of funeral services are also for the bereaving family to know that their loved one has gone to a higher place and is at eternal peace.

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