An Important Funeral Eulogy

Part of the planning of funeral service program is creating an honorable funeral eulogy. This part of the funeral planning is delivering special words of reflection of the deceased, how life was lived, and his or her impressions that were made on family and friends. The eulogy is a personal statement about the character of the deceased. The eulogy is the main theme or central point of the funeral service and often given by someone who is a close family member or friend. Often, it is not given by the immediate grieving family members.

The eulogy can be presented by one individual or a group of individuals of family or friends. Information about the deceased can be gathered by one family member by obtaining the information from many family sources. If presented by multiple people, it can convey a special meaning each had with the deceased. Focus in on any similarities as this information is given by different people and then highlight them during the eulogy. Your writings will be a healing source to all who attend the funeral or memorial service.

The eulogy can serve as a highlight of the life and encouragement to everyone who hears it which is why it is so important. It’s a good idea to delegate the task to someone who can deliver a good presentation and is willing to speak on behalf of the family members. Most people you ask will be more than willing to do so and help out. They can write the eulogy on a notes and read from there if desired.

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