How to Add Effect on Photos

If you want to add effect on photos in your funeral templates, first you should be on home page and then scroll down the page and click on Start Now button.

It will open funeral card templates page then you have to enter deceased person details and click on Start Design button.

After that it will open login/signup page if you are a new user then you should signup first other wise you can login and then it will open customization tool where you can customize your template as per your requirement.

You can upload card background image, from CHOOSE BACKGROUND IMAGE by click on Select Background button. It will select your background image from your system, and you can also upload your own background image by click on click on Upload Your Background Image button to complete upload image.

you can upload your image by click on Upload Image button which is present in ADD IMAGES/ORNAMENTS.

After that click on photo then it will open a edit option list above photo then click on second left icon which will open mask list. You can select any one mask of the mask list to add effect on photo.

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