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A Eulogy Example of a Child’s Unending Love

Bindi’s short eulogy for her Father, Steve Irwin was simple yet moving. It was a eulogy example of sincerity and truthfulness that only a child can produce. This piece moved many people who listened to it. It earned its place in the hearts of countless for it garnered a large amount of votes from a poll conducted in Australia.

The speech Bindi gave for her father was just an ordinary one. It contained no flowery words nor elaborated descriptions. It was simple, yet astounding for everyone was moved to tears by it. What it had was the child’s innocence in it. Bindi poured out whatever he thought was good enough to say for his father. The words were a eulogy example of a child’s unending love for the one who gave him his life and happiness, his father. Although the talk was just a short account of what they did together as a family, it did not fail to reach its message to the public who listened to it. His message of sadness was not missed, either. It was a short speech, but unforgettable nonetheless.

Hence, it was a depiction of a perfect eulogy. The amount of words did not really matter, what it contained was more important. Bindi also proved that in order to pull off that wonderful eulogy example, he did not need become a professional at it. He just needed to be sincere and true to himself. And this was the greatest gift that he could ever offer to his beloved father, Steve Irwin.

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