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Memorial templates or order of service programs, memorial templates are a small but important handout at the memorial service and can have lasting effects. This little memorial programs keepsake, is the one token that is distributed to all memorial attendees. Often people keep this program as a final reminder of the life celebrated at the service.

If you are overwhelmed with the memorial planning, it can be helpful to enlist the aid of a memorial program template so you can produce a memorial program that is beautiful and highlights your loved one’s life. Templates assist us with our computer projects and allow us to complete a project in a more efficient and timely manner.


With the invention of funeral software, funeral program templates allow a funeral director to choose from an online library of hundreds of background templates. Once selected, these templates can be used for other funeral stationery items as well so that the entire service and keepsakes are well-coordinated.

The flexibility of these funeral program templates enables the funeral director to not only easily customize and print them in-house, it also enables the family to receive a completely customized funeral program for their loved ones life celebration.


Creating a memorial program for your loved one can be a therapeutic task after they have passed. Remembering and highlighting special moments in their lives will help you with the bereavement process, and this can be done while creating a memorial program in the comfort of your home with the support of your family and friends.

Writing and compiling anecdotes, quotes, and stories about your loved one is best done with those who were close to the deceased. Have everyone sit down with a pad and pen and write down your cherished memories. Go around in a circle and read and collect your favorite stories about your loved one. From these stories and quotes choose the best to highlight their life.

Now it is time to design your memorial program template. The first step is to pick a background. If printing cost is a concern, I recommend just making a black and white memorial program, however, if you have a larger budget it is nice to make a full color background with a large portrait of your loved one. If you do not have a background photo to use that is digitized and fitting with the interests or lifestyle of the deceased, it is easy to find high quality photos to use on Flickr. Just make sure you search for photos with a creative commons license that allows you to adapt or modify the image.


A funeral booklet is an expanded version of a funeral program which is distributed at a funeral or funeral service. Often the bereaved family members like to provide all attendees a funeral keepsake and a creative funeral booklet is a perfect way to highlight a loved one’s life in greater detail.

A funeral booklet can contain the funeral order of service, a eulogy of the deceased, funeral poems, bible scripture verses, song or hymn lyrics, and photos of the deceased with family, and a special note from the bereaved family to all supporters and attendees.

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