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Funeral Thank You Verses

Expressing a word of thanks for those who have assisted you or been encouraging during the death of a loved one may not come as easily during this time. It is not even expected for the bereaved to send a thank you note but studies have shown that it could be helpful to you in starting the healing process of your loss.

Funeral thank you verses can be as short as a few sentences, can be a short poem, or a simple sentence. It needn’t be long verses, but just conveys your gratitude towards the person who has been of help in some way to you. Some examples of short and simple thank you verses might be:

“Thank you for your prayers and support during our time of loss.”

“Many thanks and gratitude for your participation in John’s memorial service. It has meant so much to our family.”

“Your support has meant so much during this past week. I am comforted to know you are near.”

There are prewritten cards you can purchase for thank you notes but are generic in the message. If however, you would like to personalize the message a bit more, you can always add a personal statement in the card.

Funeral thank you verses can also be in the form of scripture. There are many verses in the bible that pertain to thankfulness or gratitude. You can also use some scripture verses that convey hope and comfort.

You may want to enlist the the help of a close friend or family member if you have many cards to address. This can make the process much faster. Its also a good idea to keep a list of those who sent you cards, flowers, donations, participated at the memorial service in some capacity, or have been of an encouragement for you.

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