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Funeral Program Order of Service

The layout of a funeral order of service program will vary depending on the type of ceremony you have chosen for your loved one. If it is a religious ceremony, there are traditional items that are included within the order of service. It’s best to discuss the order of service with your pastor or clergy as some religious denominations have a specific order designated within the ceremony. For example, the Catholic faith has a very traditional funeral mass that includes a visitation (or viewing of the body), funeral mass with communion and graveside service.

In Catholic worship, all in the assembly are encouraged to sing and to participate in the fullest possible way. Because most may not be familiar with the songs, its important to note them within the funeral program order of service or direct them to the hymnal where the songs are contained in.

Most funeral order of service programs begins with prelude music and an entrance hymn or song. A scripture reading from a family or close friend will be read and a message of hope and encouragement is given by the officiant. It is also acceptable for a eulogy to be read in place of a message. If the funeral program order of service is not of a religious affiliation, songs and other types of readings can be given. You may enlist the assistance of a close friend to deliver a reading or the officiant may do so.

In either service, a short time of sharing of the guest may be opened so that those who have a desire to share a memory about the deceased may freely do so. Another way to pay tribute to your loved one in either types of ceremonies is to have a video slideshow. This would include photos of the deceased from their early life to before death.

Although not essential, a video tribute can be a wonderful way to share and highlight the deceased life in a chronological order. If you do not have the technological means or time to organize a slideshow, you could also set up a memorial table. A memorial table displays photos of your loved in as simple as a frame to more elaborate scrapbook type displays.

Some people place photos of their life within the funeral or memorial program. This is also an effective way to provide a lasting keepsake to all attendees since most will keep their program for quite some time.

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