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Funeral Poems

Funeral poems are a great source of comfort to the bereaved family as well as the attendees at a funeral memorial service. Using poems in the funeral service is quite appropriate and does not need to be a funeral or death related poem.

Poems come in so many different themes. Today, you can find a poem to fit just about every emotion, personality, event, or place. Poetry has a way of penetrating deep within our spirit to comfort, encourage, and evoke emotion. Poems are a popular choice among grievers because it can be comforting during a highly emotional time.

Funeral poems can be used within a reading such as the eulogy or memorial tribute for the deceased. You can also use them in the funeral program and include a poem that speaks of the deceased being in a far better place such as heaven. A funeral poem can include themes of missing your loved one and how they will remain forever in your heart.

One example of a very popular funeral poem is “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep.” You can publish poems on a memorial website for the deceased, in an acknowledgment card, prayer card, or even memorial plaque. It is a very versatile type of written work! One caution is to make sure you give the proper credit to the author. The best type of poems to publish are those that are in the public domain. These poems do not need permission to be used because they are not owned or controlled by anyone.

You may even choose to write your own funeral poems and publish them at the funeral service. A personally written work such as this would be especially memorable to share since you can customize it to your loved one’s life. You can find resources on the web that help you in poem writing if you are unsure how to start.

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