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Free Prayer Cards

If your looking for free prayer cards on the web, you may be able to locate websites that offer a free sample or template that you can download. Often the free anything on the web has some sort of limitation or caveat. For example, a free prayer card may have the proper formatting but lack the actual background image for the front cover.

With the internet at our resource, you can find just about anything! There are many websites that offer some sort of free template but just be aware that there will be some kind of catch. Often too, there won’t be any customer service related to assisting you should you need it after opening the free cards.

You could download the free prayer card templates and then add in your own image for the front cover. That is providing you are familiar with how to do this in the given application that you are using your template in. You can even place a photo that you have taken yourself and use that as the background.

Prayer cards are easily customizable if you purchase a template that offers the design and formatting already in tact. Often, these types of files can run inexpensively, less than $20.00 per template. This is a great deal since you can use the template over and over again! If you have the time, you can make your own template by using a business card template or creating an 8-up type of format in your favorite computer software.

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