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For a Great Leader – A Eulogy Example

The Eulogy speech given by the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher for the fortieth U.S. President, Ronald Reagan, was purely out of true and sincere friendship and camaraderie.

This eulogy example contained immense admiration for the former president. Ms. Thatcher mentioned so much of the president’s accomplishments, yet, at the same time, emphasized that he remained humane and humble despite every undertaking he faced.

It was one for the history books, the eulogy Ms. Thatcher gave. There were many lines in the eulogy that was as worth remembering as the person being given it to, Mr. Ronald Reagan. The speech was not only an account of the doings of a great leader, who had a sense of patriotism and selflessness, but it was also an excellent portrait of an individual who has a firm belief in his life principles and decisions made. It was a great tribute for a truly remarkable person and it was perfectly delivered by the esteemed Margaret Thatcher. She also showed how Reagan united one big nation through his servant leadership. The eulogy, itself, brought many Americans together in grieving for an honorable leader. He has left a legacy amongst leaders such as Thatcher.

The speech given was one notable eulogy example, and a great example at that. Provided the status of one as President Ronald Reagan, it was well thought-of and admirable. It was personal, yet the public can relate to it at the same time. Although this eulogy example was indeed quite lengthy, it brought justice to the life of the deceased President. The words used by Margaret Thatcher could not have been perfect for him and the life he lead.

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