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A Sympathy Message, Examples

So, why are you delaying writing a letter of sympathy to one of your friends or colleagues? Is it because you just can’t find the right words, or phrases? You’re not alone if you find difficulty in writing such a note or letter.

Here are a few examples of what thoughts you might want to include, or maybe these examples will help bring your own words and thoughts to the surface. Feel free to copy and paste any ones you feel work for whomever you need to write to.

To a work colleague’s partner (man or woman):

I had the good fortune to know (insert name) very well over the last several years. And, while we didn’t work side by side every day, we always managed to be able to share our strategies without compromise or with either of us worrying about competition. This kind of colleague is rare; it seems that very few people know how to share in life, to be able to talk with you without the need to feed their own ego, or who need to demonstrate that others are beneath them. (insert name) became more than a colleague; she became my friend and I am truly sorry to lose her friendship. I can only offer my sincere sympathy to you at your time of loss of (insert name).

To a friend who has lost a husband or wife.

I can’t imagine the sorrow you must feel. I know that (insert name) wasn’t only your husband/wife; he/she was your best friend, soul mate and a kindred spirit. Both of you were my best example of two people who always were in harmony with each other, and together were never afraid to tackle life’s’ issues headlong. I’m very sorry for your loss, and I will keep (insert name) bright within my memories forever.

To a friend who has lost a brother or sister:

My heart goes out to you at the loss of your brother/sister. There are no words that can possibly comfort you, or lessen your sorrow at the death of (insert name). He/she was like my own brother/sister who was always at my side no matter what challenge I was facing. Time and time again, (insert name) offered assistance, a helping hand, a kind word, or a sympathetic ear when I needed it the most. I know you are proud of your brother/sister, and so am I that I was able to share part of your brother’s/sister’s life.

To a mother or father who has lost a baby child:

With heartfelt condolences for your loss of (insert name), I know you loved (insert name) so dearly, and you will miss (him/her) terribly for years to come. I also know that you gave your love to (insert name) so unselfishly, unconditionally, and would constantly be at his/her side throughout all the growing pains, and those little bumps and bruises. (insert name) always had a smile on his/her face when he/she was with you, or even around you. Everyone I know loved little (insert name), and each one, I know, will share my sorrow with you. I know you will hold (insert name) close to your heart forever, and I pray that you will find peace knowing that you gave everything you possibly could to make (insert name) happy.

We hope these examples are helpful to you in writing your sympathy message.

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