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3 Step Life Transformation Program

One day I looked around my life and discovered it was in a shambles. When I thought about fixing it, I was overwhelmed with all the changes that will need to be made. I decided to pick 3 things I could do everyday, but would have a profound effect on my life. There began the 3 Step Life Transformation Program.

It’s really 3 parts, not 3 steps. You’ll need to take at least 30 minutes out of your day for each part in the program. That’s one and a half hours a day to completely transform your life. Not a bad deal.

Honor Your Spirit

The purpose of this time is to reconnect to your Source, by whatever name you call it. It is a time to contemplate the nature of the Universe, the nature of God, and your relationship to all of it. This is not an intellectual contemplation. Your mind could go around in circles trying to understand these things. Instead it is a time to connect with your Spirit and get answers from within.

You might choose to do this by reading a spiritual text and contemplating it for the time that you have allotted, or you may choose to meditate. If you do not have an existing spiritual practice or a framework for it, in the beginning, you can take this time to discover a spiritual practice that works for you.

Honor Your Body

You guessed it, this time is for body movement. It could be as formal or informal as you like. Take a walk, go to the gym, use an exercise DVD, play some sport. Whatever you do move your body.

Honor Your Mind

The time you spend to honor your mind is about living your purpose. Rather than complain about not knowing what your purpose is in life or that you can’t give up your day job to pursue it, keep this 30 minutes sacred and dedicate the time to the pursuit of your purpose. If you don’t know what your purpose is, use this time to figure it out.

How can I live my purpose in just 30 minutes a day? Well, you may not be able to do everything in your grand plan, but you can dedicate this time to doing a little with it everyday. Since what you concentrate on expands, this time will grow and it will fuel you to do more around your purpose. You may even find a way to live your purpose in every moment. For example, if you discover that your purpose is to share your voice with the world, you can go about your day humming a song. In your 30 minutes, you might practice the scales, or write lyrics, or attend voice class. Take this time to work diligently on what you are meant to do.

Over time, you might find that you need to pump up your intensity with these 3 steps, but they will be the anchors in your life. Instituting the 3 Step Life Transformation Program will help you to trust yourself. As you accomplish these small goals, you can set and achieve even bigger ones. The program will help you to lose weight, become healthier, and lower your stress levels. It will help you to live a balanced, harmonious life.

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